Notice! Do not Enroll in Medigap Plan F.

Notice! Do not Enroll in Medigap Plan F.

If you think this topic is quite intriguing, I assure you that this is not the intention. The following intel is vital for any person who considers a Medicare supplement plan. F plan has been the most popular of standardized plans. However, you should explore all the options and know the potential dangers before you sign up. I would also like to share the following information with some information about me. I worked for 26 years in the market for the elderly. For the most part, I worked on the design and pricing of Medigap plans. You can call me an expert in the field.

New agents and lazy agents sell supplements to Medicare Plan F. This is the truth. Insurance agents love to sell plan F. They pay a higher commission and most buyers usually hear from a friend. Because it is quite popular, it’s a really simple presentation.Give your attention to any agent that ask you to choose plan F. Say generally that plan F is the best is irresponsible and false. If they say it is the “Cadillac Plan” as it guarantees 100%, terminate the call. The “Cadillac Plan” looks good, but the price is prohibitive.

Insurance companies also love Plan F. It offers benefits that you will probably never use, as well as others that are very profitable for the company. Therefore, they always announce plan F.If the only difference between a plan F and a plan G is part B deductible, why is the price difference much higher? The benefit of Medicare Part B is currently $ 166 per year. However, if you compare the plans, it is not uncommon to find between $ 300 and $ 600 on the G plan. Insurance companies call this difference “consumer tax.” Why not put the “burden of indulgence” directly in your pocket and pay the deductible?

Excess taxes are not a big problem. The actual situation is that many doctors allow the assignment of Medicare and it is easy to know whether the doctor does or not. If you do not need it, why should I pay for this service?Even worse, it is illegal for doctors to apply for Medicare authorization in some states, but many agents still sell their clients, plan F.

Do not get caught up in a Medigap F plan! This is by far the most convincing reason not to have an F plan. By 2020, F plan will end. Anyone who already has this plan will be allowed to keep it.Do not keep this plan! The new sales will stop, there will not be any younger, healthier people who join the plan and exceed the costs of the older insured. Prices should increase as interest rates rise, anyone who can meet the terms of the subscription will switch to another plan. This will only make the situation worse.If you remain stuck with Plan F after 2020, you may see ridiculous double-digit increases year after year. A similar situation occurred with Plan J after its withdrawal from the market in 2010.